Do you know ByAllAccounts Aggregation Solution?

Are you already using ByAllAccounts Aggregation Solution? During this webinar, you’ll learn more about Getting Started; Data Connectivity; How we deliver data; Security & Privacy. On Wednesday, September 10th 1:00PM EST, ByAllAccounts will be hosting a webinar on ByAllAccounts Aggregation Solution...Read More »

3 Tell-tale Signs Your Advisor Website Needs a Refresh

In 2013, 67% of advisors we talked to said they were not happy with their existing websites. While it’s not realistic to redesign your firm’s website annually, the gaining pace in the tech world makes every website a constant work-in-progress. Taking on a new website project may not sound like a walk in the park, but a site redesign can have a lasting positive impact on any advisory firm...Read More »

How Financial Advisors Can Identify New CPA Relationships through Social Media

Amy Sitnick, Senior Marketing Manager, SEI Advisor Network

Yesterday, I was speaking with an advisor who has a pretty awesome LinkedIn profile, and is now interested in proactively using social media for business development. His client base includes working professionals, so naturally, LinkedIn is a great place to begin networking. I suggested he review his clients’ profiles and connections to look for potential introductions and referrals...Read More »

Must Attend Conferences: A Fall Preview for Advisors

By Bill McGuire, Principal, W.M.McGuire, LLC on Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Bill McGuire, Principal, W.M.McGuire, LLC

As the summer winds down, it’s back to school for financial advisors, with the fall / winter conference season getting underway. The importance of attending the right conferences cannot be taken lightly, as they provide an invaluable resource for you and the continued growth of your firm..Read More »

Technology Decisions That Drive Your Staff Crazy

Susan Glover, President, Susan Glover & Associates, LLC

While assessing an advisory firm’s technology needs, I was told to “push the envelope” with Excel’s capabilities so the firm didn’t have to invest in other software. As a consultant, it was not difficult for me to respond. As an employee, I may not have had the opportunity to respond...Read More »

ByAllAccounts Aggregation Solution

Are you already using ByAllAccounts Aggregation Solution? During this webinar, you’ll learn more about Getting Started; Data Connectivity; How we deliver data; Security & Privacy...Read More »

Location Optimization

By Sheryl Rowling, CEO, Total Rebalance Expert on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Sheryl Rowling, CEO, Total Rebalance Expert

In this article, I'm going to discuss location optimization. Location optimization, once you understand it, can be a great tool to save your clients tax dollars while differentiating yourself from the competition...Read More »

How Advisors Can Make August Their Seventh Inning Stretch

John Anderson, Managing Director, SEI Advisor Network

I grew up in a small Midwestern town, where in August the lawns were browned by the hot sun and the pace was so much slower due to the heat. Here in Philly, most of the city is at the shore (“down the shore,” as they say) during the month. For most of my career, I always planned on August being a slow month...Read More »

ByAllAccounts Reseller Spotlight Series: Interactive Advisory Software LLC

By ByAllAccounts Reseller Spotlight Series on Thursday, August 7th, 2014

ByAllAccounts Reseller Spotlight Series

Interactive Advisory Software is the industry’s leading wealth management software company, serving the specific needs of independent financial advisors and broker/dealers nationwide. Since our founding in 2001, the motivation behind our “one solution” technology platform has been to help our customers manage and grow their businesses with minimum hassle and maximum efficiency...Read More »

Easy Ways to Reframe Rejection

By Rosemary Smyth, MBA, ACC, Author on Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Rosemary Smyth, MBA, ACC, Author

The financial industry is rife with rejection and some advisors deal with it better than others. How do they deal with it? By building up their emotional strength to handle it and not taking it personally. Indeed, it is possible for advisors to desensitize themselves to rejection and become like Teflon. However, if your days are filled with calls and meetings that are going sideways, it’s a good time to consider what you want to start doing differently so you can get better results...Read More »

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